Where Is Bruce’s Park, Norfolk VA?

Where Is Bruce’s Park?

Here is question I am asked frequently, “Where is Bruce’s Park?” Usually it’s after I tell them that I’m building new construction homes on Hanson Avenue in Norfolk, in Bruce’s Park. I’ll do a boundary description followed by a map that should be relatively clear.

Start at the corner of Princess Anne Road and Tidewater Drive. Go north on Tidewater Drive and turn right (east) on Goff Street. Go two blocks east on Goff, then turn left (north) on Bolton Street. Follow Bolton all the way to Saint Julian Avenue and turn right (east). Travel east on Saint Julian to Lead Street. Turn right (south) on Lead Street and go to Princess Anne Avenue. Turn right (west) on Princess Anne and return to the intersection of Princess Anne and Tidewater–the enclosed area comprises Bruce’s Park!

Bruce's Park Norfolk VA

Bruce’s Park includes the soon-to-be renovated Cigar Factory which will become apartments; Globe Iron; Jacox Elementary; a couple of parks and churches, and lots of residences. Interior streets include Courtney, Hanson, Maltby, Reservoir, Marshall, Link, Cary, and Jamaica.

Bruce’s Park is an up and coming community that is having lots of infrastructure work, including new gas and water lines. There has also been sidewalk and street repair. Drive through and you’ll notice new construction (see Sound Choice Investments and click on “Property for Sale”) and renovated homes along with a few duplexes and fourplexes. Bruce’s Park is a great place to live because it’s close to schools, Norfolk State University, and Downtown Norfolk.

Bruce’s Park also boasts a newly established civic league which meets the last Thursday of each month at 6 PM at Jacox elementary in the auditorium. Anyone can attend the meeting so come on down! The next meeting will be in January, 2016.

I know what the next question is: Who’s Bruce?

Very good, but the answer will be it a future blog post!

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